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Retrofit NIKO Pastorizer

Improving workflow and efficiency? After retrofitting an existing conveyor with Rexnord Pastorizer belt, product transport improves and reduces operator cost.

Retrofit NIKO Pastorizer

Dimensions pastorizer: C –C : 33 meter
Belt width: 3.500 mm
Customer: juice industry

Old situation :
Conveyor belt consisting of 2 parallel steel conveyor chains with attachment and connection plates.
Unstable in- and output transfer:

  • Pressure zone with dead plate
  • Tipping product
  • Operator needed

New situation:
Installation of Rexnord pastorizer belt with necessary adaption for flawless operation.
Dynamic transfer on in- and output: 

  • No pressure between products on in and output zone
  • No tipping products
  • No operator needed

Photo ‘s : Old situation Old situation Old situationNew situation New situation

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